Tripack Anchovies, Olives, and White Anchovies, Boquerones, Anchors- 3x38 gr/3x1.34 oz, 114 gr/4.02 oz total, by Sea Delight, Morocco.

Tripack Anchovies, Olives, and White Anchovies

SKU: 060287
  • Description:

    This tri-pack of anchovies, olives, and white anchovies allows you to enjoy a wide variety of appetizer combinations. The white anchovies are cured in olive oil, providing a smooth, supple taste and a wonderfully light texture which does not lose its flavor to the olive oil. The boquerones are cured in vinegar and provide a more interesting, tangy taste.

  • Info:

    Origin: Morocco
    Manufacturer: Sea Delight
    Net weight: 3X1.34 OZ