Perigord - 7 oz, by Terroirs d'Antan, USA.

Terroirs d'Antan presents you with Rillettes du Perigord - the most popular method of preparing duck meat, which has been carefully passed down for five generations. The secret behind the amazing taste of this pâté is the long process of stewing the duck meat with spices that goes into it. First, the duck meat is stewed in its own juice over low heat. As a result, the delicacy acquires an intensely appetizing aroma and a delicate, melting texture. Then, the finished meat is ground to a rustic pâté, put into a prepared clean pot, with the remaining broth and melted fat poured in over it. A generous amount of duck fat forms a protective layer over the top of the pâté. This method of cooking is ideal for preserving meat, as the finished product can be stored in a cool environment for up to 2 months if unopened.

Rillettes du Périgord

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