The signature prosciutto cotto, or steam-cooked ham, is delicately flavored and pleasantly pink. Loved by Italians, prosciutto cotto is Italy’s top-selling salume. Its gentle, yet mildly spicy aroma and soft pink color are instantly alluring. Fresh, boneless, pork legs are injected with brine and tumbled, or massaged, to evenly distribute the brining liquid. The legs are then pressed into molds, to give them their signature oval shape, then steamed for anywhere from 18 to 22 hours, depending on the weight of the leg, until they are juicy and tender. After cooking, the ham is cooled and vacuum packed to preserve the flavor and texture. Low in both fat and salt, Prosciutto cotto is an essential part of the Italian diet.


Keep Refrigerated.

Prosciutto Cotto, Whole Boneless Steam-Cooked Hams

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