Mina Harissa Green Pepper Sauce

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    Mina Green Harissa is a Moroccan pepper sauce carefully blended using only 7 simple all natural ingredients; green chili pepper, green bell pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, Moroccan cumin and salt. Harissa has been hailed as the heart and soul of Moroccan cuisine. It is imbued with all the culinary passions of a country and a people, it is the central condiment that sits atop every kitchen table in North Africa used as a spread, a dip or drizzled on top of nearly any dish. This Harissa sauce is the year's culinary discovery by chefs across America, France and the United Kingdom and has replaced its distant cousin the American hot-sauce.

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    Origin: USA
    Manufacturer: Casablanca Foods
    Net weight: 10oz