Tarjarin a flat egg spaghetti made from all natural ingredients.

Pasta finds its maximum fulfilment on Piedmontese tables, thanks to the union with the most delicious sauces. In Piedmont, pasta means not only refinement, inheritance from the noble courts and from Savoia, but also essential preparations, obtained from the wise hands of farmers who work genuine ingredients.

There is an air of mystery about the origins of this pasta. According to the width, this pasta is known as Tajarin (3 mm) or Tagliatelle (8 mm). This long egg pasta is a flagship of the Langa tradition. In particular, tajarin were first served in Piedmont as early as the 1500s and each golden strand is a celebration of the art of egg pasta. Until a few decades ago, it was even a “proof of love”: a woman had to show to be able to make this pasta in order to conquer her beloved.

Therefore we have decided to show to our beloved customers our ability to prepare this handmade fresh egg pasta, with its typical intense yellow colour, source of pride of the Langa gastronomy. We solely use high quality raw materials, such as yolks of barn eggs and flours from our farmers. In particular, our long pasta are made from phyllo dough and cut. This special production, the consequent pasteurization and the slow drying at a low temperature over chains allow to obtain a product that the restaurateur may serve as fresh pasta since the product keeps the characteristics both of consistency and of colour of pasta prepared at home.

Moreover, even the cooking times are optimal: 4/5 minutes are enough in order to obtain pasta “al dente”.

The porosity of pasta does its best with our several sauces, for example old-fashioned pasta sauce, boletus mushrooms sauce, deer sauce, wild boar sauce. They are a pure symphony with our slices of truffle or our truffle creams. Try it to believe it!

Egg Tajarin Artisanal Pasta

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