Basket Content:*


3.5oz Almas
3.5oz Beluga di Venezia
3.5oz Caviar Butter
1 Mother of pearl spoon mini
1 Mother of pearl spoon large
1 Manchego in safron
1 Rosette de Lyon
17.6/500g Foie Gras block
6.5oz Black truffle Salami
2 Blini Large 12
1 36 Blini Handmade
8oz Crème Fraiche
1 Wild Hibiscus Flower in Syrup
1 Stracciatella
1 Leonidas Blue Box
8oz Smoked Salmon
4oz Gravlax Salmon


Serves 10.


*The basket and wrapping are not included in the price, due to availability. Please provide indications, depending on selection, this will reflect as an extra fee.

Diamond Basket