Derived from the Caspian Sea, our purebred Beluga Caviar is available for the first time in the U.S. It has the most delicate and largest size eggs of all sturgeon, with eggs that provide an incredible pop.


Since 2009, Marky's farm in Bascom, Florida (Sturgeon Aquafarms) has been successfully breeding Beluga and four other species of sturgeon. A decade and a half later, our true Beluga Caviar is finally available for sale in the United States.

Beluga Caviar (HUSO HUSO)

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  • Description:

    Beluga Caviar (Huso Huso) brought to you from Sturgeon Aquafarms - the only pure Beluga caviar (Huso huso) - is now fully available in the U.S.

  • Info:

    This profuct is brought to you by Marky's Caviar.

    Origin: US
    Manufacturer: Sturgeon Aquafarms
    Number of servings: 1 oz. per serving.
    Net weight: Different weights, 0.5oz | 1oz | 1.75oz | 5.5oz | 17.5oz
    Caviar fish & grade: Beluga, Grade 1, 00

    Eggs are firm, clear, glossy.