Basilippo Aromas: Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Orange 8.8 oz/250 ml by Basilippo, Spain. 


Aromas Orange: this Orange flavored olive oil is the union of our top quality olive oil and the oranges from the Countryside of Los Alcores, Seville. The entire process is completely natural. This citrus fruity olive oil has the fresh and intense aroma of orange peel and orange blossoms with a hint of banana and apple. The taste is sweet and soft with no spice or bitterness and citrus flavor to the end. The lasting finish is almonds and orange marmalade. This flavored olive oil can be used for sweet and savory dishes alike. Try it on fruit salads, fish, seafood, poultry, over chocolate ice cream and pastries.


Very intense and fresh orange peel and orange blossom, hints of banana and apple. Perfect for deserts, ice creams, exotic salads or fruit salads. Gold Medal and Judge´s Choice for Packaging Design in Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition 2013.

Basilippo Aromas: Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Orange - 8.8oz. # 090163 by Basilippo

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