Texturas were developed by world renowned chef and molecular gastronomist Ferran Adria from restaurant El Bulli in Spain. Texturas are not designed specifically for the professional chef, but for the inner child in all of us who like to explore and create with food. Texturas is a gateway to a world of magical sensations where only your imagination is the limit.

Texturas Group: Emulsification | Espesantes | Jellification | Spherification | Surprises

Texturas - Espesantes Group

  • Texturas Xantana, Espesantes Group 21.2 oz.

    Xantana - Chefs Albert & Ferran Adria of el Bulli’s Creation – 21.2 oz/600 gr, Spain.

    Xantana is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch with a bacteria (Xanthomonas campestris) found in cabbage. The result is a gum with great thickening power. It also has notable potential as a suspensoid, which means that it can maintain elements in suspension in a liquid without their sinking into it. It can also retain gas.

    Ingredients: Xanthan gum in powder.

    Characteristics: Available in refined powder form. Soluble cold and hot. It can thicken alcohol. It is highly resistant to freezing-unfre... more »
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    Texturas Xantana, Espesantes Group 21.2 oz.


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