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Norwegian salmon is smoked in Norway, and is of superior quality. The generously trimmed fillets are cured with a mixture of sugar and salt applied by hand, they are then smoked by experts following traditional guidelines.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Fillet Imperial Cut Mini 2.7-4.5 oz.

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Norwegian Smoked Salmon Fillet Imperial Cut Mini 2.7-4.5 oz.  Smoked Salmon Fillet Imperial Cut - mini - 2.7-4.5 oz/100-150 gr, Norway.

Imperial Cut salmon is smoked in oak wood, as a result acquiring an exquisite taste. This select cut is taken from the finest part of the fish.
The skin is fully removed so you can enjoy each ounce of this delicacy.
Keep frozen.

Approximately 0.17 to 0.28 lb each

You are charged based on the actual product weight shipped
SKU: 020404
Origin:   Norway
Packaging:   Vacuum Pack
Preparation:   Smoked
Shelf Life Refrigerated:   3 to 4 weeks
Brand:   Marky's
Shipping:   Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight

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