Moroccan and Tunisian Gourmet Oils

  • Moroccan Argan Oil 8.5 oz. Organic

    Organic Argan Oil - 8.5 oz/250 gr by Mediterranean Gourmet, Morocco.

    Argan oil, taken from the nuts of argan tree, has a strong aroma of spicy toasted nuts, similar to pumpkin seeds but with a stronger and more biting finish. Combine with lemon juice for salad dressing, or use it to finish off tagines and couscous dishes. We suggest you also try it added to soups. Experiment with ingredients, as there are endless combinations with Argan Oil, and this great Moroccan ingredient is surely to inspire wonderfully exotic creations.

    Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight
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    Moroccan Argan Oil 8.5 oz. Organic


  • Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 33.8 oz. Organic

    Cold Extraction Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil - first cold pressed - 33.8 oz/1 L by Les Moulins Mahjoub, Tunisia.

    USDA Organic.

    The cloudy consistency and the robust taste of the fresh fruit in this extra virgin olive oil are due to the unique hand decantation process, without filtration or centrifugation. Each production year, the vintage adds its own special flavour, the product of the influence of the climate and of the natural elements.

    Store away from light, at temperatures between 10° and 18° C. The coloured bottle protects against ultra-violet rays.
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    Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 33.8 oz. Organic


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