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Fresh Farmed Caviar "Malossol"

Farmed sturgeon with caviar

Farmed caviar is an excellent alternative to the caviar obtained from the wild. With many years of research and preparations behind them, sturgeon farms in France, Italy, Israel, United States and other countries are steadily increasing their share in the caviar market. Constant improvement in farming procedures including the fish diet, temperature fluctuations, fish density at the farms, etc. results in the great-tasting product that is comparable with the best caviars from the Caspian and the Black Seas and at the same time is environmentally sound.


Farmed Siberian Sturgeon Caviar from France

This freshly harvested product is first and foremost a great caviar. It comes from Acipenser Baerii (Siberian Sturgeon) and is noted for its gastronomic excellence equal to Beluga caviar. Characterized by grains ranging from deep black to golden brown, this caviar offers an aromatic taste which lingers in your mouth, giving rise to its distinctive character.

Farmed Siberian Sturgeon Caviar from Italy

A fine selection of Italian Caviar farmed under pristine conditions. It comes from Acipenser Baerii (Siberian Sturgeon). This Italian Caviar is processed under the supervision of Caspian Salt Master “Toufani”. With large firm pearls and a smooth nutty taste, our Italian Caviar is fresh, sustainable, and a delightful addition for those who cherish a fine Caviar.

American Farmed White Sturgeon Osetra Caviar

Osetra Caviar of Acipenser Transmontanus (White Sturgeon), produced in a controlled environment of the American aquaculture farms in San Francisco and Sacramento Valley of California, recently gained popularity with gourmands all over the United States and found its way to the tables of the best restaurants in the country. It comes from native American white sturgeon and has a slightly firm, but delicate texture, with fine distinguishable eggs. The flavor of farmed caviar has been described as ranging from buttery to nutty, not too salty, and can be compared to the taste of the Russian Caspian wild Osetra caviar.

Farmed Osetra Karat Caviar from Israel

Karat Caviar is produced by "Caviar Galilee", one of the longest running fish farms in Israel. The Russian Osetra fingerlings, which are imported to the Farm directly from the Caspian Sea, are raised in conditions that are most similar to natural conditions, enabling the quality of world known and prized elite caviar. The delicious taste, freshness and high quality of genuine Russian Osetra Caviar make Karat Caviar a pure delight. We are currently the exclusive distributor within the US and are strongly introducing this Caviar to our US market.

Farmed Osetra Amur Caviar from China

Osetra Amur Caviar from Amur River, the border of Russia & China, is fresh and truly delightful. This selection joins our Caviar Golani (Russian Sturgeon Osetra) as leaders in quality, texture, and taste within our farmed Caviar selections. With large gold pearls, and a smooth finish, our Amur Sturgeon Caviar is sustainable, affordable, and most importantly an exceptional Caviar chosen for the most demanding gourmand.

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