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French Petits Fours “Absolute Chocolate” 48 pcs.

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French Petits Fours “Absolute Chocolate” 48 pcs.  Mini Cakes, Previously Frozen - 48 pcs. – 25.9 oz/737.4 gr by Pata Choux, France.

Petit Fours are not only delicious and refined mini desserts, they are also genuine creations. Their original presentation is a genuine delight for the eyes... . But also for the finest palate!

It offers you a selection of traditional mini pastries, made up with the most famous French recipes.

6 Lemon & Chocolate Ganache Soft Pastries, 6 Chocolate & Raspberry Rectangles, 6 Almond & Chocolate Soft Pastries Decorated with Hazelnuts, 6 Gianduja Ganache & Hazelnut Feuilletine Squares, 6 Coffee Ganache on an all Butter Biscuit, 6 Almond & Caramel Pastries with a Vanilla Ganache and Walnut, 6 Praline & Chocolate Feuilletine Diamond Cakes, 6 Honey Breads and Tangerine Ganache

Remove the product form its packaging before thawing

Leave to defrost for 5 hours at 32 F – 39.2 F

Best before date after thawing: 24 hours at 39.2 F

Do not refreeze at thawed product

To keep at -0.4 F
SKU: 073206
Origin:   France
Packaging:   Vinyl Pack
Preparation:   Previously Frozen
Brand:   Pata Choux
Shipping:   Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight

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