French Gourmet Food

  • Dried Porcini Mushrooms 1.4 oz.

    Boletus Edulis in Plastic Jar – 1.4 oz/40 gr by Terroirs d’Antan, France.

    Ingredients: Porcini mushrooms -Boletus Edulis-.
    Use: Preserve dried mushrooms in an airy bag in a dry room.
    Instructions: Soak in lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Drain, then dip in boiling water for another 10 minutes.
    Place in colander and rinse thoroughly.
    1 oz of dried mushrooms » 10 oz of fresh mushrooms.

    Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight.
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    Dried Porcini Mushrooms 1.4 oz.


  • French Cheese Le Plaisir 6 oz.

    Le Plaisir - cow's milk soft cheese with white flowered crust - 6 oz/175 gr, France.

    Le Plaisir is a generous cheese that just melts in the mouth. Its soft, creamy paste releases a subtle fresh taste full of delicate flavor. Le Plaisir is the cheese of gourmets.

    Try it the way you like it:
    - If you love fresh, creamy cheese, you should try Le Plaisir when it is still young.
    - As it matures, Le Plaisir asserts its character and is a delight to many for its delicate smooth texture.

    Compliments: Goes well with sweet fruits.

    Appropriate wines: Pomerol, Saint Emilion, sweet Merlot.

    Fat in Cheese: 60%
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    French Cheese Le Plaisir 6 oz.


  • French Cheese Saint Andre 3.9-4.2 lb.

    Saint Andre - cow's milk soft cheese - 3.9-4.2 lb/1.7-1.9 kg, France.

    This French cheese goes well as a spread for crackers and toast.
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    French Cheese Saint Andre 3.9-4.2 lb.


  • French Goat Cheese Cabecou Perigord 4.94 oz.

    Cabecou Perigord - soft raw milk goat cheese - 2 pcs - 4.94 oz/141 gr, France.

    A milk cheese from the Loire region in France. Buttery, creamy, great finish. Serve with a sauvignon blanc. Because of its small size, cabecou matures quicky, in ten days to a maximum of four weeks. It is best enjoyed from Spring to Fall. The rind is thin and evenly yellow in color, the paste soft and creamy, with a slightly lactic flavor, nutty aroma and homogenous texture. When fresh they are mild with little goaty aftertaste and become really strong with age. They get their name from the old Languedoc word cabecou which means small goat.

    Tex... more »
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    French Goat Cheese Cabecou Perigord 4.94 oz.


  • French Goat Cheese Crottin Maitre 2.8 oz.

    Crottin Maitre - goat's milk aged cheese - 2.8 oz/80 gr, France.

    Maitre Seguin is a living cheese. It is not wrapped and can thus ripen slowly, gaining in character, when kept in the fridge at 4°-6° C.
    After three weeks it becomes dry and crumbly and is excellent served with aperitifs. The best time to serve is at the end of the meal - white wines when the cheese is young or red wine when it has matured. With fresh bread, it is ideal for snacks or wine and cheese parties.
    The characteristic goat taste increases steadily when the cheese is kept at 4°-6° C.

    Appropriate wines: Red or white Sancerre, Morgan, Gaillac.

    Fat in Cheese: 50%
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    French Goat Cheese Crottin Maitre 2.8 oz.


  • French Mayonnaise 8.8 oz.

    All Natural Mayonnaise, Made with Sunflower Oil & Fresh Lemon - 8.8 oz/250 gr by Delouis Fils, France.

    Ingredients: sunflower oil, Dijon mustard (mustard seeds, vinegar, water, salt), egg yolk, white wine vinegar, salt, lemon, egg white

    Allergy Information: contains eggs and naturally occurring sulfites. Manufactured in a facility that also processes fish, milk and nuts.

    Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within one month

    Product of France
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    French Mayonnaise 8.8 oz.


  • Les Parisiennes Raspberries in Brandy 2.5 lb.

    Raspberries in Brandy - fruits in liquor - 40.56 oz/1150 gr by Les Parisiennes, France.

    Ingredietns: brandied fruit - raspberries, brandy, sugar. 15% alc. vol.
    Great for ice cream toppings.

    Caution: Contains alcohol
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    Les Parisiennes Raspberries in Brandy 2.5 lb.


  • Rougie Block of Duck Foie Gras w/ Port Wine - 3% Truffles, Micuit 35.2 oz.

    Block of Duck Foie Gras Micuit with Port Wine - 3% Truffles in Center - 35.2 oz/1 kg by Rougie, Canada/France.

    After opening, warm-up blade of knife with hot water. Cut-out 1/3 inch slices. Display on center of plate. Add ground pepper to taste. Serve chilled but not ice cold with or on French bread or brioche. Do not spread on bread to fully enjoy the rich texture and taste. Serve with late harvest wine.
    Serves 20 to 25. Ideal for catering and banquets.

    Ingredients: Foie gras: 70% homogenized foie gras with 30% whole foie gras pieces. 3% truffle added in the center.

    Semi-cooked/Pasteurized/Prepared /Ready-to-eat
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    Rougie Block of Duck Foie Gras w/ Port Wine - 3% Truffles, Micuit 35.2 oz.


  • Whole Roasted Chestnuts 15 oz.

    Whole Roasted Chestnuts - Marrons Entiers - 15 oz/425 gr by Sabaton, France.

    Marrons Entiers: The most traditional use of chestnuts is roasted whole, with the shell and peel. Before eating, remove the outer shell and inner bitter tasting skin to obtain the edible kernel.
    Although chestnuts can be eaten raw after peeling they are usually cooked in some way.
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    Whole Roasted Chestnuts 15 oz.


  • French 3 Chocolates Crisp - 1.5 lb.

    Croustillant 3 Chocolats - 1.5 lb/680 gr by Brioche Pasquier, France.
    Previously Frozen Patisserie
    Three chocolates layers - black, white & milk
    Approximately 3.5” H x 15.5” W x 2” D, non-sliced, 10 to 12 serving size

    Direction for use:
    Straight from the freezer, remove all packaging & defrost for 4 hours between 0C/32F and 4C/39.2F.

    24 hours at 4C/39.2F.
    Inter freezer at -18C/-0.4F until the date displayed on the side of pack.
    Once thawed, do not refreeze.
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    French 3 Chocolates Crisp - 1.5 lb.


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