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  • French Cheese Le Plaisir 6 oz.

    Le Plaisir - cow's milk soft cheese with white flowered crust - 6 oz/175 gr, France.

    Le Plaisir is a generous cheese that just melts in the mouth. Its soft, creamy paste releases a subtle fresh taste full of delicate flavor. Le Plaisir is the cheese of gourmets.

    Try it the way you like it:
    - If you love fresh, creamy cheese, you should try Le Plaisir when it is still young.
    - As it matures, Le Plaisir asserts its character and is a delight to many for its delicate smooth texture.

    Compliments: Goes well with sweet fruits.

    Appropriate wines: Pomerol, Saint Emilion, sweet Merlot.

    Fat in Cheese: 60%
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    French Cheese Le Plaisir 6 oz.


  • French Frozen Fruit Puree, Banana 2.2 lb. Kosher, No Sugar Added

    Frozen Banana Puree – 2.2 lb/1 kg by Les Vergers Boiron, France.

    Meticulously selected fruits from all around the world, for their unique flavors. Fruits are assembled for their taste, color and texture, a guarantee of constant quality. The rapid heating and cooling pasteurizing process is adapted to each fruit, preserving the fresh taste and color of the fruit.

    Advantages: Guaranteed performance for your different uses, thanks to the controlled and constant year-round quality. Flavor and color typical of fresh fruit and available throughout the seasons. A ready-to-use puree: no more cleaning, stoning or pitting, h... more »
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    French Frozen Fruit Puree, Banana 2.2 lb. Kosher, No Sugar Added


  • French Mayonnaise 8.8 oz.

    All Natural Mayonnaise, Made with Sunflower Oil & Fresh Lemon - 8.8 oz/250 gr by Delouis Fils, France.

    Ingredients: sunflower oil, Dijon mustard (mustard seeds, vinegar, water, salt), egg yolk, white wine vinegar, salt, lemon, egg white

    Allergy Information: contains eggs and naturally occurring sulfites. Manufactured in a facility that also processes fish, milk and nuts.

    Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within one month

    Product of France
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    French Mayonnaise 8.8 oz.


  • Pink Peppercorn 1.2 oz.

    French Pink Peppercorn - Poivre Rose - 1.2 oz/34.8 gr, France.

    Ingredients: Pink peppercorns.

    Originating from the Schinus terebinthifolious plant, the pink peppercorn is not considered to be a true pepper. Growning on a similar vine in the Isle of Reunion, off the cost of Madagascar, the pink berries endow a mild, sweet taste.
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    Pink Peppercorn  1.2 oz.


  • French 3 Chocolates Crisp - 1.5 lb.

    Croustillant 3 Chocolats - 1.5 lb/680 gr by Brioche Pasquier, France.
    Previously Frozen Patisserie
    Three chocolates layers - black, white & milk
    Approximately 3.5” H x 15.5” W x 2” D, non-sliced, 10 to 12 serving size

    Direction for use:
    Straight from the freezer, remove all packaging & defrost for 4 hours between 0C/32F and 4C/39.2F.

    24 hours at 4C/39.2F.
    Inter freezer at -18C/-0.4F until the date displayed on the side of pack.
    Once thawed, do not refreeze.
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    French 3 Chocolates Crisp - 1.5 lb.


  • Pitted Black Olives 9.7 lb.

    Black French Olives Pitted - 9.7 lb/4.4 kg by La Colombe, France.

    Drained weight: 6 lbs. 1 oz/2.75 kg.

    Ingredients: French black olives, water, salt, citric acid.
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    Pitted Black Olives 9.7 lb.


  • Petits Calins 2.82 oz. - 16 pcs

    Petits Calins - praline - 2.82 oz/80 gr by Traou Mad de Pont-Aven, France.

    Small treat to end up your meal or come along your cup of tea or coffee.

    Ingredients: Milk chocolate 35% (sugar, milk powder 11%, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla flavoring), wheat flour, wheat malto-dextrin, praline 12% (nuts, caramel), palm oil, lactose and milk proteins, powdered cream, sugar, rapeseed oil, wheat glucose syrup, barley malt extract, salt.

    Store in a cool dry place.
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    Petits Calins 2.82 oz. - 16 pcs


  • Dark Bittersweet Chocolate 3.5 oz.

    Dark Bittersweet Chocolate bar - 71% cocoa - 3.5 oz/100 gr by Valrhona, France.

    Reveals the refined character of our unique selection of Trinitario and Criollo cocoa beans, with their rich flavors and redwood colors. It has a fruity and floral taste and an exceptional, long-lasting finish.

    Ingredients: dark chocolate (71% cocoa minimum, pure cocoa butter), cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract.

    This product might contain traces of nuts, milk and egg proteins, gluten and peanut.

    Special care: Store between 16°C (60°F) and 18°C (64°F) and enjoy at room temperature like a fine red wine.
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    Dark Bittersweet Chocolate 3.5 oz.


  • Escargots Achatines in Garlic Butter 3.5 oz.

    12 Very Large Achatines - Escargot shells with garlic butter a la bourguignonne, Previously Frozen - 3.5 oz/100 gr by Terroirs d'Antan, France.

    Direction for use: Place escargots in pre-heated oven for approximately 12 minutes. Temperature: 410°F/210°C. Remove as soon as butter boils. Serve while hot.

    Ingredients: Achatines (Achatina Fullica) food snails, butter, parsley, garlic, shallots, salt, pepper.
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    Escargots Achatines in Garlic Butter 3.5 oz.


  • French Strong Mustard with Fresh Tarragon 7 oz.

    Strong Mustard with Fresh Tarragon - 7 oz/200 gr by Delouis Fils, France.

    There are three standards governing the quality of this award-winning mustard:

    - It is 100% natural (no synthtic additives, no preservatives etc.)
    - It is often less salty than other mustards
    -It is aged for the amount of time necessary to gain maturity.

    Ingredietns: mustard seeds, vinegar, water, sea salt, fresh tarragon.

    Refrigerate after opening
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    French Strong Mustard with Fresh Tarragon 7 oz.


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