French Cheese

  • French Cheese Délice d'Argental 2.2 lbs

    Délice d'Argental - cow's milk soft cheese - 2.2 lb/1 kg, France

    Hand-ladled into the moulds

    Soft ripened triple-cream cheese from the Burgundy area, made from cow's milk. Crème fraîche is added to the milk during the manufacturing process. The texture is very unctuous and creamy and its flavor is milky and delicate.
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    French Cheese Délice d'Argental 2.2 lbs


  • French Cheese Epoisses AOC 2-2.2 lb.

    Epoisses AOC - cow's milk soft cheese - 2-2.2 lb/0.9-1 kg, France.

    Soft cow milk cheese, washed rind.
    Epoisses is the name of a village in Burgundy where a community of priests developed the production of a specific cheese in the middle of the 16th century. It is now a protected name cheese that are only produced in 3 counties in France. During the maturation period, the rind of the cheese is washed with Marc of Burgundy. It adds taste and gives it a wonderful red color.
    Compliments: Goes well with a raisin bread.
    Appropriate wines: Perfect with dry white wine from Burgundy.

    Approximately 2 to 2.2 lbs each
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    French Cheese Epoisses AOC 2-2.2 lb.


  • French Cheese Fol Epi 1 lb.

    Fol Epi - cow's milk semi hard cheese, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, France.

    Semi hard paste uncooked and unpressed. The flavor is closed to raclette, but more fruity and lighter. The cheese looks nice due to the ears of wheat drawn on the rind. This is a perfect cheese for a banquet.

    Appropriate wines: Muscat, Jura's wines, some red light Burgundy wines.

    Fat in Cheese: 50%
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    French Cheese Fol Epi 1 lb.


  • French Cheese Le Plaisir 6 oz.

    Le Plaisir - cow's milk soft cheese with white flowered crust - 6 oz/175 gr, France.

    Le Plaisir is a generous cheese that just melts in the mouth. Its soft, creamy paste releases a subtle fresh taste full of delicate flavor. Le Plaisir is the cheese of gourmets.

    Try it the way you like it:
    - If you love fresh, creamy cheese, you should try Le Plaisir when it is still young.
    - As it matures, Le Plaisir asserts its character and is a delight to many for its delicate smooth texture.

    Compliments: Goes well with sweet fruits.

    Appropriate wines: Pomerol, Saint Emilion, sweet Merlot.

    Fat in Cheese: 60%
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    French Cheese Le Plaisir 6 oz.


  • French Goat Cheese Pave Sauvage w/Herbs 8.8 oz.

    Pave Sauvage with Herbs - goat's milk soft cheese - 8.8 oz/250 gr, France.

    Fresh French cheese made with aromatic herbs.

    Pave Sauvage is a fresh goat milk with a delicate aroma. The strong taste of the herbs doesn't bite on the tongue and brings a subtle taste to the fresh goat's milk.

    Compliments: Goes well as a cheeseboard cheese.

    Appropriate wines: Rose wine, Straminer, Tokay.
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    French Goat Cheese Pave Sauvage w/Herbs 8.8 oz.


  • French Cheese Delice de Nostalgie 4.4 lbs.

    Delice de Nostalgie - cow's milk soft cheese - 4.4 lb/2 kg, France.

    This vineyard cheese from Burgundy is enriched with crème fraîche during its production. It has 75% fat in the dry matter but only 44% total fat. This delicate, smooth cheese is covered by a thin rind with a light coating of mould and will delight cheese lovers with its velvety, mellow taste.
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    French Cheese Delice de Nostalgie 4.4 lbs.


  • French Cheese Brie De Meaux AOC 7 lb.

    Brie de Meaux - cow's milk - uncooked, unpressed soft AOC cheese with a white mold - 7 lb/3.1 kg, France.

    French cheese's king of kings. Since the Middle Ages this cheese has captured the hearts of all those who have experienced its outstanding taste. In the 19th century is was considered the finest cheese in Europe. The geographical separation between the places of production and "affinage" is a Brie tradition. In 1980 this cheese was accepted into the AOC family.

    Texture: The pate is compact, supple and evenly textured. Its color is pale yellow, reminiscent of straw. Its rind looks like white velvet.

    more »
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    French Cheese Brie De Meaux AOC 7 lb.


  • French Cheese Brillat Savarin 17.5 oz.

    Brillat Savarin - cow's milk soft cheese, uncooked, unpressed - 17.5 oz/500 gr, France.

    It was named after the renowned XVIII century French food writter Brillat Savarin. There may be a soft-with rind. The cheese will eventually grow a tick, velvety, white crust. This decadent triple cream cheese should only be eaten with friends! It is one of the richest cheeses you will ever taste, so a full pound of it will easily serve 12 people. Brillat Savarin is native to Normandy and is named after the man who is known today as, "The Father of Modern Cooking." He is the author of the book, The Physiology of Taste, which is required reading fo... more »
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    French Cheese Brillat Savarin 17.5 oz.


  • French Cheese Pont l'Eveque AOC, La Tradition 12.3 oz.

    Pont l'Eveque AOC - cow’s milk soft cheese - 12.3 oz/350 gr, France.

    Made from rich, salty, pasteurized cow's milk, this cheese's taste is acquired from the gentle sun and humidity that produce the lush grass in Normandy. The taste is creamy, finely textured, and smooth; it is extremely pleasant, especially if you choose to eat the rind.
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    French Cheese Pont l'Eveque AOC, La Tradition 12.3 oz.


  • French Cheese Camembert Rustique AOC 8.8 oz.

    Camembert Rustique - cow's milk soft AOC cheese - 8.8 oz/250 gr, France.

    We are experts at finding only the best cheeses, and this Camembert Rustique is it. From the milk of Normandy cows, a good Camembert has a rind covered in white mold with reddish stripes and stains. In 1983, it was named an AOC cheese, protecting its quality and origin. Made industrially.

    Fat in Cheese: 45%
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    French Cheese Camembert Rustique AOC 8.8 oz.


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