Danish Cheese

  • Danish Cheese Blue 1 lb

    Danish Blue - cow's milk soft cheese with blue veins, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, Denmark

    Also called Danablu cheese, Danish Blue cheese is a rich cow's milk cheese, milder and less complex than Roquefort. Ideally, it is a semi-soft cheese with a milk white look but with a delicate network of blue-green veins with a creamy, spreadable texture with unevenly spaced holes. It cuts easily and can become rather crumbly at times. Aged at least 60 days. Crumble over salads or into dressings.

    Appropriate wines: Rioja Reserva, Porter, Stout.
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    Danish Cheese Blue 1 lb


  • Danish Style Cheese Havarti Creamy 1 lb.

    Havarti Creamy - cow's milk, semi-soft cheese, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, USA.

    Havarti Creamy is Denmark’s most popular cheese.

    Traditionally the cheese is aged on rye straw and occasionally brine washed, which contributes t its Characteristic aroma of an old, humid cellar. The rind may show many colorful molds (white, yellow and red), a result of the wild grasses that the Salers cows eat during summer and autumn. The texture is semi-soft often with small eyes in the paste. The flavor is a wonderful combination of a summer pasture and sweet, fruity milk flavors.

    Appropriate wines: Bordeaux, Saint Es... more »
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    Danish Style Cheese Havarti Creamy 1 lb.


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  • Wire Cheese Cutter / Slicer with Wooden Handles - 51.2"

    Italian Wire Cheese Cutter/Slicer with Wooden Handles - 51.2" L, Italy.

    Ends have wooden handles
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    Wire Cheese Cutter / Slicer with Wooden Handles - 51.2"


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