Cheddar Cheese

  • American Cheddar Cheese 1 lb.

    Cheddar from California - cow's milk extra mature bandage wrapped, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, USA.

    This is true American farmstead cheddar nuanced with savory, buttery flavors and enough piquancy to remind you it’s been aged for at least 18 months.
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    American Cheddar Cheese 1 lb.


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  • Canadian Vintage Cheddar Cheese, aged 3 to 4 years, 4-5 lbs.

    Vintage Cheddar - cow's milk hard cheese - 4-5 lb/1.8-2.3 kg, Canada.

    The Vintage Cheddar is traditionally aged Canadian cheddar made in Quebec. This cheese is cured a minimum of three years and is only sold when the flavor meets its standards. Actual age of this cheese will range between three and four years and occasionally, longer.

    This cheese has a crisp, clean flavor with an appealing sharpness that stimulates the taste buds. At times there is a pleasing hint of fruit or even caramel. Because of the care and time they invest in grading the cheese and subsequent maturation, Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar is distinctively robust and truly unique.
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    Canadian Vintage Cheddar Cheese, aged 3 to 4 years, 4-5 lbs.


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