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Seafood Prix d'Elite - Marky's Caviar finalist in the 2007 European Seafood Exposition
Paddlefish caviar is harvested from the American paddlefish or spoonbill and resembles the Sevruga Sturgeon grade of the Caspian Sea, although the size of the roe can be slightly smaller. This roe can range in color from dark gray to black. Paddlefish caviar offers the consumer genuine caviar at an affordable price - less than half the price of the equivalent imported grade. Our Paddlefish Caviar is the finalist in the 2007 European Seafood Exposition.

For export of sturgeon caviar and paddlefish caviar CITES permit is required. We are happy to assist you in obtaining the permit.

American Paddlefish Caviar, Spoonbill 1 oz.

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American Paddlefish Caviar, Spoonbill 1 oz.  American Paddlefish Caviar, Spoonbill - 'Astrakhan Process' - 1 oz/28.5 gr.

Marky's American Paddlefish caviar resembles Osetra and Sevruga sturgeon caviars in appearance and taste, with slighty smaller eggs. It has a glossy light grey color, a robust flavor and firm pearls. The "Astrakhan process" follows the traditional Russian guidelines and manufacturing techniques. Our caviar is prepared only with pure sea salt (NaCl), the most sophisticated and gourmet salt. Hence, we obtain "Malossol" caviar of exceptional quality.

Prix d'Elite in the 2007 European Seafood Exposition

Flavor: Distinguished smooth, buttery flavor. Aromatic and savory taste, intense sea tang.
Size: Small pearly grains
Color: From dark gray to light gray
Appearance: Clear, glossy.
SKU: 010801
Number of Servings:   1 to 2 servings
Origin:   USA
Packaging:   Jar
Preparation:   Fresh, Cured with Salt
Caviar Fish & Grade:   Paddlefish, Grade 1
CITES for Export:   Required
Shelf Life Refrigerated:   4 to 6 weeks
Storing:   Only Refigerated
Brand:   Marky's Caviar
Shipping:   Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight

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